Course Feedback 2014 - 2015 Analysis

December 2014 - November 2015



Question 1: Did the training facility provide a good learning environment?

Question 2: Was the trainer/teacher knowledgeable and informative?

Question 3: Was the content of the training programme appropriate for your needs?

Question 4: Was the training programme balanced appropriately between the learning in the training room and actual work place?

Question 5: What is your overall rating of the training programme?

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust; Endoscopy Decontamination Training Programme; November 2015

"Excellent, Informative Training. Very interactive with all group members. Made a lot of our working practice make sense."

Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary

"Very good. Enjoyed it a lot!"

GPOT, Leeds General Infirmary

HCA Hospitals London; Endoscopy Decontamination Training Programme; November 2015

"Thank you!"

"Very informative, this training programme makes me more equiped with my job."

Endoscopy Unit, Lister

"Very informative and enjoyable discussions. Maybe it may help if we can have pictures of different equipment and also good and bad practices. Thank you."

Endoscopy Unit, London Bridge Hospital

"I found the format of the training very encouraging for discussions and exchange of experience which is very beneficial for me personally. Many thanks!"

Endoscopy Unit, Wellington Hospital

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Endoscopy Decontamination Training Programme, September 2015

"Enjoyed the two days but not the exam as I am too old"

"Very Informative"

"Needs to concentrate more on topic but necessary for endoscopy"

David Beevers Day Unit, St James University Hospital

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust; Endoscopy Decontamination Training Programme; July 2015

  "Enjoyed the overall experience. I found it very interesting."

  "Group size was good. I would appreciate more handouts for references. My learning style works best with a combination of written and spoken information."

  "Thorough explanations, informative, very knowledgeable."

  "Gave me an overall understanding of what is expected of me. I feel more confident."

  "Martin was very knowledgeable, friendly and made the course interesting for us all."

Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary

  "Enjoyable and interesting. Thank you!"

  "Very informative. Thank you!"

Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary

  "Gained a lot of knowledge in two days."

  "Learnt a lot about decontamination doing this training. I found it helpful to my job role."

  "Useful, Good explanations for why we do procedures."

St James University Hospital

  "Enjoyable course, very informative."

  "The training is very important as we are working in the decontamination department in our unit on a regular basis."


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