Course Feedback 2012-2013 Analysis

December 2012 - November 2013


Question 1: Did the training facility provide a good learning environment?

Question 2: Was the trainer/teacher knowledgeable and informative?

Question 3: Was the content of the training programme appropriate for your needs?

Question 4: Was the training programme balanced appropriately between the learning in the training room and actual work place?

Question 5: What is your overall rating of the training programme?

Holly House Hospital, Essex

“The whole 3 days of training course has been a very informative, enjoyable experience. The lecturer Mr. Martin Williams enhanced my knowledge even more about my work as an SSD Technician. Highly recommended training to every SSD/EDU staff.”

“Very good programme, I learnt a lot.”

“Very interesting Training Programme, Martin and Karen are very nice teachers as well as nice people. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

The Princess Grace Hospital

“Extremely informative, I now have a lot more knowledge and realise I need to be more proactive in ensuring those external departments who carry out testing are doing the right thing.”

The Lister Hospital

“Very informative but kept at an understandable and relevant level.”

The Wellington Hospital

“I feel that the Training Programme should be extended to 3 days instead of 2.”

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

“I understood what was said.”

“All the staff from SSD Managers to SSD Technicians should have this training.”

West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven

“Very enjoyable course, good information to assist with Decontamination in relation to pre JAG visit.”

“The course was very informative and I feel as though you learn a lot of different things that are appropriate to my role.”

“Martin was very approachable and helpful throughout the course.”

“Excellent, very informative and enjoyable.”

“The overall training course was excellent and very enjoyable. Martin was excellent and explained everything very well.”

The Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle

“Really enjoyed it, Martin was very interesting to listen to, I didn’t get bored and was always kept interested.”

“Well done Martin for providing a very interesting course. I hope I have learnt enough to pass the exam/test.”

“Very good course, very informative and plenty of time for discussion. I have suggested to Managers they may like to do it so as to enhance their understanding of decontamination.”

“The trainer was really clear and explained things really well and was approachable if needed more explanation.”

“Enjoyable and very informative. Learnt a lot of useful information that I can immediately implement into my current role.”

St George's Hospital, Tooting

“The trainer very knowledgeable of the topics being discussed and the training programme is very appropriate in what we practice in the actual work place and I hope it will be done in the entire UK.”

“Very good trainer with excellent training skills and knowledge.”

“Thank you Martin for your help and support.”

“Very informative, gives good insight on how to do things properly in order to render good quality service to the customer.”

“The training programme was very informative and gave us advice and information that will enable us to carry out our jobs more professionally.”

“The training programme was excellent, I learned a lot of things and it is useful in my day to day work.”

“This programme is very informative and interesting. The information which are received from this programme to improve our future work. We are expecting more like this programme. Best wishes to Decon Solutions.”

“Excellent Lessons”

“Excellent, Good Training”

“I love the programme; the teacher was excellent and have learnt a lot. Thanks”

“Had to change Training Facilities that not nice. Trainer is a very good with knowledge & explanations”

“The trainer is very, very knowledgeable and informative, hope to have more training from him and will like to develop my career in Sterile Services.”


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