Course Feedback 2011-12 Analysis

December 2011 – November 2012



Question 1: Did the training facility provide a good learning environment?

Question 2: Was the trainer/teacher knowledgeable and informative?

Question 3: Was the content of the training programme appropriate for your needs?

Question 4: Was the training programme balanced appropriately between the learning in the training room and actual work place?

Question 5: What is your overall rating of the training programme?


“Good methods of teaching using real life examples”


"The training is very interesting and it helps me to understand a lot more about my job."


"Excellent training even for those who's English in not very good. Everything has been explained properly. A lot of information has been given."


“ Excellent training, should be done by all staff”

“Very informative, enjoyed every minute”

Holly House - Essex

“Very informative, Martin made us feel very relaxed. We felt we could ask any questions at any time. Thouroughly enjoyed the last few days”

 “Very enjoyable and informative, we were given lots of examples and information”

“I found this a very enjoyable training programme. Martin was a very good tutor and he made the programme interesting and therefore my attention was kept on a very high level”

"The training that Martin provided was excellent and we were kept to a high level of attention"

"Interesting, lots of new information"

"Thanks a lot!"

"Keep doing what you're doing, great job."

"Good use of examples prompting group participation."


“Would recommend this course to my colleagues”

“Martin was a very good trainer, thoroughly enjoyed the course; it was very informative”

“Martin Williams was not only informative but relayed information in an entertaining manner”

"Information put into context, helps me."

"An enjoyable course, the teacher made learning process good with a friendly atmosphere."

"Very informative and enjoyable, Highly recommended."

St Georges - Tooting

“Excellent training”

“It was a very knowledgeable programme. I have learnt a lot and the teacher knew exactly what he was talking about”

“I am very happy with the training, I learnt a lot and now understand a lot more about the laws and Health and Safety procedures involved in my job”

"Very good and helpful"

"I came to understand better about my job. I learned important things."

"Very good, very useful information. I will download and learn as it was very important to know."

“Martin was very pleasant, very helpful and he explained everything carefully and accurately”

"I would recommend the training."

"A big thanks to the trainer who realled showed me about lots of ideas in SSD which really were not in my head."

"One of the best training programmes I've ever had.Very informative."

"Very interesting, I am pleased to know more about SSD quality systems, standards, legislation and guidance documents."

"Very informative, Trainer make the course enjoyable and very interesting."

"I'm very happy, learned a lot of new things"

"I enjoyed this training programme a lot. The trainer was very helpful, nice to work with and I learned a lot of things from him."

"Martin was very pleasant, very helpful and he exlained everyhting carefully and accurately."

"I highly recommen Martin Williams to keep up with the training, I have gained an extremely good amount of knowledge on the training programmes and all the modules. I really enjoyed the professional teaching session. Please keep up the good work. Thank you very much indeed."

"The training was very good and I learned a lot"

"This training helps a lot being a technician and helps to perfomr my job effectively. The trainer is very knowledgeable about all the topics in SSD."

"Very good communication skill"

"Very helpful training. Hope we can get more in the future"

"Very helpful, good communication. It was very interesting. "



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