Course Feedback 2013 - 2014 Analysis

December 2013 - November 2014  


Question 1: Did the training facility provide a good learning environment?

Question 2: Was the trainer/teacher knowledgeable and informative?

Question 3: Was the content of the training programme appropriate for your needs?

Question 4: Was the training programme balanced appropriately between the learning in the training room and actual work place?

Question 5: What is your overall rating of the training programme?

The Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust

"It was a good course in-depth and informative, thank you!"

"Very knowledgable course and interesting.  Would advise others to take part"

"Very informative covered a lot of things I never knew about"

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative course"

"A really enjoyable course"

"Very enjoyable and informative course"

Newby Hall Decon Solutions Ltd Decontamination Training Programme Stage 3

"After 26 years still good to know we can learn and enjoy from Decon.  Interesting training was presented well, in the right environment excellent course, would recommend to all"

"I am very glad I have attended the course which was a prize for winning a crossword competition.  I would recommend it to anyone and encourage them to submit their crosswords to Decon Solutions.  Once you win and go on your training, you will gain considerable and detailed knowledge from a man who is an absolute expert in the field.  This training is an absolute must if you work in SSD.  Thank you very much!"

"Very informative but with a friendly and relaxed learning atmosphere with access to drinks and excellent catering for the 3 days"

"Lovely venue, food excellent, course programme and content interesting, relevant and well delivered.  An excellent and enjoyable course, thank you!"

Royal Free

"The quality of training is excellent.  Covered a large area but made simple.  Very informative and explained in a way that is easily understood."

"Thank you so much Martin.  I really enjoyed the course.  You are an excellent teacher!" 


"Fantastic training programme, gained lots of knowledge and really enjoyed every minute!"

"Excellent! Made me look at my job role in a new light"

"Really enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt a lot over the past 3 days.  Thank you Martin!"

"Would definitely recommend this course to anyone in an SSD environment, I have really enjoyed it!"

HCA International

"Thank you, this course has helped me so much, I learnt a lot during this training"

"I have had a very good two days doing the Decon Solutions Course.  I have learnt a lot, Martin was very informative, helpful and kind.  He made the two days very enjoyable and I feel I have benefited a lot from doing the course.  I would highly recommend it!"

"The teacher was very informative.  Excellent teaching style"


"Great two days, lots of information given, good teacher"

"Excellent training, recommended thanks!"

Really enjoyed the course, found Martin to be very informative"


"The programme was really interesting and I wish we would have it once every quarter"

"The facilitator explained it very wel"


"Very enjoyable!"

"Martin gave clear precise information, delivered in an easily understandable way.  He covered every topic adequately and inspired confidence in candidates"

"Very good course but I was scared about the exam at the end"


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