Training Programme Evaluation Analysis

Decon Solutions Decontamination Training Programme Evaluation Analysis

October 2010 - November 2011


Q.1. Did the Training Facility provide a good learning environment

Q.2. Was the Trainer/teacher knowledeable and informative

Q.3. Was the content of the Training Programme appropriate for your needs

Q.4. Was the Training Programme balanced appropriately between learning in the Training room and the actual work place

Q.5. What is your overall rating of the Programme


'Very Good.'

'Learnt a lot more about what goes on before and after my job.'

'Very Good.'

'Very good made you think about what happens behind the scenes.'


'I am very happy with the training its been explained well and I've learned a lot.'

'Martin Williams delivered his teachings and shared the informations to us very well and has taught us a lot to improve more in our work.'

'The training was excellent. It provides a broad knjowledge of how the SSD must be run according to the legislation.'

'Very good course I enjoyed it.'

'The training is very good it covers my needs, i learned a lot more from the training.'

'Very interesting.'

'Very informative & entertaining.'


'Very good.'


'Very Good, enjoyable, kept me interested apart from the Test would do it again.'

'Very informative, learnt a lot of important and valuable facts that are appropriate to my job. Didn't like doing the test.'

'Found it very useful enjoyed the course. Got to know a lot. Thank you.'


'Made to feel at ease, and made to feel you were important. Very good at communicating and explaining things without making it sound to technical.'

'The trainer was knowledgeable and informative 5+'

'Very good.'

'Enjoyed very much. Training was excellent.'

'Very good course.'

'Thank you enjoyed the course, Excellent.'


'I thoroughly enjoyed the course it was very thorough and enjoyable. Gave me a lot of knowledge on things I was unsure of.'

'One of the few training programmes, which understands what happens to me on a daily basis. Helped me in my new job function.'

'The course has been very interesting and I feel I have learnt a lot form it and there were things I didn't know that i hope I know now.'

'Excellent. Very informative + enjoyed the 3 days.'

'I found the course very useful and helpful.'


'Very Good.'

'Martin was very knowledgeable and created a pleasant learning environment including all members in the Group. Thank you.'

'Overall the programme was very informative and enjoyable. Thank you.'


'Heavy information given in such a way that was easy/easier to digest, anecdotes putting some things into context which I always find helpful.'


'I found Martin made me feel very relaxed. He has got such a lot of knowledge. I have learned loads from this training programme.'

'Martin made ther whole course entertaining as well as interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the past 3 days.'

'I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to do this. Martin is a very nice and helpful instructor.'

'I enjoyed the Training Programme very much I have learned a lot.'

'I very much enjoyed the course and Martin is very good in what he does.'

St Georges - Tooting

'The Training has given me more insight about my job. I have also learned things I did not know before, like the (R.O.) reverse osmosis!'

'Very detailed Programme should be applicable or mandatory course to all members of staff working in SSD. Especially to the beginners.'

'This training been fine and very informative and helpful.'

'I just wanted to say thank you to martin for giving his time to share his knowledge, regarding legislation, standards & guidance in how' we apply effectively to Sterile Services Dept.'


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