The Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Hackney, London.

What project did Decon Solutions undertake on your behalf

Decon Solutions were initially brought into the Homerton University Hospital to advise the Executive Management Team on how to improve the management of flexible endoscopes across the Trust following a visit from the CQC. During this process Mr Williams, Decon Solutions Ltd Decontamination Consultant became the Trust’s Decontamination Consultant / Manager and advised us on all matters concerning decontamination including the successful tender for an on-site CSSD service. Recently the Homerton University Hospital have taken over the management of all the Community Services in Hackney and Decon Solutions Ltd have support the Trust in this process.

Duration of the Project

Decon Solutions have been working with the Trust since 2008/9

Did you received regular briefing updates during the projects

All projects were evaluated by Decon Solutions Ltd prior to any recommendations, evaluations, planning, feedback, briefings and updates were provided at every step of the way during every project.

Do you feel you received a high standard & quality service from Decon Solutions

The quality and service were excellent and remain as such.


Did the Decon Solutions team assigned to this project, competently & efficiently complete the project to your expectations & within timescale

Yes the team met every objective required of them and within the timescales agreed.

Do you feel you received value for money within the Contracts



DO Decon Solutions lTD offer any added value above & beyond the project

Decon solutions sat on most committees concerned with decontamination; this was so successful that Mr Williams became the Chair for the Decontamination Committee, which has improved the focus of staff towards decontamination across the Trust.


Have you encountered any problems with Decon Solutions Ltd during the Contracts.



Out of 10, how would you rate the overall performance of the of Decon Solutions during your project


Would you use Decon Solutions Ltd for future projects?

We still do and will continue to do so the foreseeable future.

Mr Philip White

Designation: Operative Services Manager

Address: Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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    Suite 8
    Sandown House
    Sandbeck Way
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  • t: 01423 324136

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